Courtesy-Ypsilanti, Mich. on April 20, 2010. Angela J. Cesere |


Many citizens of Ypsilanti area in Michigan practice modern ways of everyday living, and communication. Can one wonder how one form of communication could change the entire outlook on this modern-day city? City of Ypsilanti, Michigan contains a population around 20,000 people. The “slow economy” is shaping people to try different angles in how they provide for their families. This is what led Tony Dixon to create his own TV website; one in a few to do this coming from Washtenaw County in Ypsilanti, Michigan!

Here’s the Story

For most people living near Michigan Avenue in Washtenaw County catching the scenery for them brings hope; it’s that type of town. As you walk down Michigan Avenue, you can’t help but stumbled on a yellow and red brick building that is surrounded by artistic pictures and paintings attached to it.

Inside the building was an office full of small businesses and their acquaintances. One of the businesses that were interesting was an internet based TV station. The TV station was called A2YP.TV owned and operated by Tony Dixon. Technology advancement has shifted a lot of jobs to fit into today’s market, and to guarantee them a spot in the future.  Producer of A2YP.TV, Tony Dixon, has a touched reality of how important it is to get ahead with the future. Dixon says, “The future beholds technology, therefore A2 will behold technology as well.”

Dixon took me on a tour of the studio of A2YP.TV, which included several computer monitors, audio equipment, and a laptop that’s used only to create and monitor the avatars that help produce the Internet TV station. A2YP.TV is a program designed to provide the Washtenaw County with breaking news and entertainment. However, A2YP.TV isn’t a news station, but rather a second source for the community to get news and other entertainment via Internet. Most people are living a fast paced life with only two things to keep them tune in with the rest of the world, which is a cell phone or some sort of computer device. While brainstorming on how to catch a mass audience; Dixon thought of a way to bring local news and other entertainment to the Internet. “Hopefully, A2 will set a goal where people can feel more comfortable of watching TV via Internet,” says Dixon. More and more with technology advancement people are going to be interested in TV provided via Internet.


Tony Dixon, Founder of WDEE-TV.COM!

A2YP.TV was formed in June 2010. With a prototype stating, “Focused on Washtenaw from Ann Arbor to Ypsilanti counties.” Dixon operates avatars Monday thru Thursday to release breaking news and other news that is happening around Washtenaw County. Friday thru Sunday there are three live acts, which provides entertainment, and a high school sports news update program ran on Saturday mornings. “The best part of producing A2YPT.TV is the positive energy from the talent of my announcers I have, and the creation of the avatars I format on the TV station, says Dixon.                                      


Oddly enough, creating avatars to produce news stories, and producing an entertainment section could get challenging. An abstract concept like building a graphical image avatar to produce human stability for A2 Internet TV station requires precision. To get his ideas and concepts across with A2YP.TV; Davis says avatars are used for a facsimile to make this TV station real as possible in the virtual world of cyberspace. Davis says, “some people may look at this programming as a small potential right now, but for years to come this concept of A2YP.TV will be a huge investment.”

The challenge of A2YP.TV will be the promotion of the programming; a concept of how to attract people to the site will take time to discover. The programming of A2 provides free classic movies, free classic TV shows, Washtenaw County News, and traffic and weather. Laura Bell, one of the talents of the entertainment crew of A2 says, “A2YP.TV is not leading towards a trend, but rather an Internet service geared at young adults.”

The forecast of the future may not guarantee a spot for TV.  With Internet becoming a part of today’s life style and the job market; product and services are going to have to transition with today’s popular demand. John Curry, another talent from the entertainment crew of A2 says, “The hope for A2YP.TV is to provide a second source of communication within the County of Washtenaw and the City of Ypsilanti to engage people to be a part of this changing media. A2 is designed to communicate with the community, and with the society through current events happening in Washtenaw County and the world.”

“Communication is forming a new respective, TV is forming a new perspective; the first way of communication which is radio, is forming a new perspective. Therefore, A2YP.TV will form a new perspective of communication,” says Dixon.

The site NOW!

There is a new site in replace of A2YP.TV, and it is WDEE-TV where it’s set up as a social network type of news gathering site. Again, the site generates news around the Washtenaw County. has over a thousand subscribers with over a hundred likes from Facebook, and 69 followers on Twitter. Numbers is not looking demanding, but it looks promising for an incredible future of!