Deon Patterson in front of Eastern Michigan University

Striving to make a difference and glancing through a small window; he’s on a journey to become one in a few who will contribute to the world without following a trail, but being the head of it. Deon Patterson, an Ypsilanti, Mi. native attends Eastern Michigan Universitywith an academic focus on Journalism, and Electronic Media Film Studies. His goals in life are to be successful, and happy.

Patterson desires to become an owner of a production company specializing in documentaries; another goal of Patterson is to create a reality show. Patterson feel that a documentary tell true stories about real realities, which brings an inner awareness to those people that are unfamiliar with those realities; happening around the world. “People walk around with a story, I want to get those words across,” Patterson said. “Everyone has a story to be told.”

“People walk around with a story, I want to get those words across,” Patterson said.

Patterson being the younger one to his older brother, he had to make up for massive slack from others.

Being the child that had to do chores, learn how to cook, and other things to make him the kind of person he is today gave him space to part away from those things as an adult. “Because I had to put up with the older kids slack and was forced to stay in the kitchen, now that I’m older I stay away from the kitchen,” Patterson said.

Patterson family ties were what untied him from the usual path that everyone from the family undertook.

Patterson from the beginning did not follow his dreams of pursuing journalism. He started off attending Baker College in Michigan, studying Business Marketing. In his freshman year, Patterson quickly realized going for a business degree wasn’t his dream; it was sort of an obligation. “Everyone in the family pursued business, and received a business degree. So I thought I had to follow the trail, but soon I realized that going in a business academia wasn’t for me to do,” Patterson said.

Planning to graduate in spring 2013 from Eastern Michigan University, Patterson sees himself attending Graduate school in one of the four states including Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, or New York. These four states has a great master program for broadcast journalism.

“My next step as of this year is to continue what I’m doing, and graduate in spring 2013. After that I plan to take the needed steps to head towards the success I envision,” Patterson said.