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No one knew that heavy winds, rain, and hail were going to turn into a massive tornado. The tornado caused a total of 40 persons killed with 13 in Indiana, and 21 in Kentucky. Tornado deaths raise questions if dangerous winds are the reason why the death toll continuously jumping higher.  “Sixteen people in Kentucky and eight in Indiana died as their mobile homes were rolled, flipped, flattened or obliterated by twisters with winds that in some areas exceeded 175 mph.” In Kentucky and Indiana, newly built mobile homes withstand winds only up to 90 mph or lower. With FEMA assistance the mobile homes that will be rebuilt again should consider a better built construction against natural disasters.

According to President Barack Obama said six southern Indiana countries devastated by severe weather and tornadoes last week were eligible for federal disaster assistance, President Obama responded to Governor Mitch Daniels request for aid after strong storms and tornadoes hit the rural southern part of the state on March 2 (killing at least 13 people), three days before Governor Mitch Daniel signs a $1.5 billion plan to construct two new bridges.

 Questions has lured about the Governor of Indiana signing a $1.5 billion plan to build two new bridges across the Ohio River. On March 5th the Governor fled out of Indiana (the state that was just affected by a destructive tornado) to sign a $1.5 billion plan that is in the works to be used in a construction that is said to begin before year’s end. “Decades of waiting for greater convenience and quality of life in the metro area will soon be over, but that’s only part of what’s ahead: Southern Indiana has tremendous economic prospects and these new bridges are the key to making them real,” said Governor Mitch Daniels, according to a press release titled Governors agree on plan to pay for two new bridges across Ohio River. However, what are the efforts to getting Indiana back to recovery over the massive destruction of the tornado?

The Governor also stated “total devastation,” in response after media professionals repeated the terrible facts of the Indiana tornado leaving behind a $5.8 million in property damage.  However, a plan to build two new bridges for $1.5 billion has been taking place, but what about the unplanned massive tornado that just hit both Indiana and Kentucky?