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Deon Patterson in front of Eastern Michigan University

Striving to make a difference and glancing through a small window; he’s on a journey to become one in a few who will contribute to the world without following a trail, but being the head of it. Deon Patterson, an Ypsilanti, Mi. native attends Eastern Michigan Universitywith an academic focus on Journalism, and Electronic Media Film Studies. His goals in life are to be successful, and happy.

Patterson desires to become an owner of a production company specializing in documentaries; another goal of Patterson is to create a reality show. Patterson feel that a documentary tell true stories about real realities, which brings an inner awareness to those people that are unfamiliar with those realities; happening around the world. “People walk around with a story, I want to get those words across,” Patterson said. “Everyone has a story to be told.”

“People walk around with a story, I want to get those words across,” Patterson said.

Patterson being the younger one to his older brother, he had to make up for massive slack from others.

Being the child that had to do chores, learn how to cook, and other things to make him the kind of person he is today gave him space to part away from those things as an adult. “Because I had to put up with the older kids slack and was forced to stay in the kitchen, now that I’m older I stay away from the kitchen,” Patterson said.

Patterson family ties were what untied him from the usual path that everyone from the family undertook.

Patterson from the beginning did not follow his dreams of pursuing journalism. He started off attending Baker College in Michigan, studying Business Marketing. In his freshman year, Patterson quickly realized going for a business degree wasn’t his dream; it was sort of an obligation. “Everyone in the family pursued business, and received a business degree. So I thought I had to follow the trail, but soon I realized that going in a business academia wasn’t for me to do,” Patterson said.

Planning to graduate in spring 2013 from Eastern Michigan University, Patterson sees himself attending Graduate school in one of the four states including Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, or New York. These four states has a great master program for broadcast journalism.

“My next step as of this year is to continue what I’m doing, and graduate in spring 2013. After that I plan to take the needed steps to head towards the success I envision,” Patterson said.


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When you thought the world recognized the dangers of KONY and when you began to gain the people’s trust, there goes the sanity. Co-Founder of ‘KONY 2012’ Jason Russell, whose 30-minute video sensation went viral, has made a turn for the worse-not intentionally? Russell, was spotted two weeks ago erratically peregrinating the streets of San Diego, Calif. After the world has seen video postings of Russell jerking off with pacing back and forth, on the sidewalk naked in broad daylight; this type of incident is certain to raise questions over the viability of Russell’s Invisible Children Group.
Being the Co-Founder of KONY 2012 video group and creating an organization that is titled, “Invisible Children,” will spark controversy. What will the world think of KONY 2012 after a bizarre incident like this?
PLAYING IT SAFE? states that doctors are treating Russell for “brief reactive psychosis; an acute state brought on by the extreme exhaustion, stress and dehydration.” The family stated, “Though new to us, the doctors say this is a common experience given the great mental, emotional and physical shock his body has gone through in those last two weeks.” Co-Founder of KONY 2012, Jason Russell was seen acting irrational on the sidewalk of San Diego area, which even led to witnesses to report such behavior. “Because of how personal the film is, many of the attacks against it were also very personal and Jason took them very hard,” said Russell’s wife Danica.
However, despite why and how Jason Russell suddenly became ill it still remains that there is a strong possibly of KONY 2012 being demolished, because of this public humiliation by the Co-Founder who helped make KONY 2012 “very apparent” and an amicable organization to bring Joseph Kony to justice.

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For many sports fans nothing comes to mind, but excitement andImageunpredictability of the NCAA tournament. Now, that the bracket has been unveiled, millions of sports fans, university-based fans, and anyone that seek a challenge will be filling it out for bragging rights, money, work-related prizes, and more. Whether its with your family, co-workers, a group of friends, or loads of strangers worldwide; everyone will be all eyes and ears glued to the’s Tournament Challenge.

Look at some major NCAA tournament bracket facts below!


That’s the record of No.1 seeds against 16-seeds, and only 11 times have they won by single digits (with the last time being in 1997). 16’s are known to be an elusive first victory.


Don’t forget while filling out your bracket to pick early upsets, because they will come out of nowhere. stated, “Since 1985, there has been an average of 8.0 upsets according to seed in the round of 64. The most in a year is 13 in 2001, and the fewest is three the year before that.”

Sweet 16-seeds

Prepare that the top 16 teams will survive, according to, it has been only four times that the top four seeds in each region survived their first game (1994, 2000, 2004, 2007), therefore, consider at least one big upset in the early going.

The ever-popular 12-seed

12-seeds have reached more Sweet 16’s than 7- and 11-seeds, more than 8s and 9s combined and just one fewer than No. 10s. No. 12 seeds have won at least one game in 21 of the past 23 years (no wins in 2000 and 2007) and at least two games in to of the past 11 years.

REMINDER: Teams Seeded 7th or Lower, Since 1985!

Crazy 8s

According to since 1985, only 10 times has a No. 8 seed reached the Sweet 16. That’s to be expected, since a No. 8 seed is matched up against a top seed in the third round. Seven of the ten to do so advanced to the Elite Eight, and four of those seven reached the Final Four, including Butler last year. Among teams seeded seventh or worse, only Non. 8 and No. 11 seeds have reached the Final Four.

Fantastic Four

Remember, in 2011 marked the first time in five years a No. 1 seed didn’t win the national championship. Overall, nine of the past 13 national champions have been No. 1 seeds.

Fours things to remember when analyzing the Final Four:

  • Avoid teams to lose conference tourney openers
  • Don’t go for the team that has ranked No.1 (major upset)
  • Bearish on first-timers
  • Don’t dismiss at-large selections under .500 in conference play

My bracket reveals that the championship game will include DUKE vs. OHIO STATE!!!!

I’m going with:



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No one knew that heavy winds, rain, and hail were going to turn into a massive tornado. The tornado caused a total of 40 persons killed with 13 in Indiana, and 21 in Kentucky. Tornado deaths raise questions if dangerous winds are the reason why the death toll continuously jumping higher.  “Sixteen people in Kentucky and eight in Indiana died as their mobile homes were rolled, flipped, flattened or obliterated by twisters with winds that in some areas exceeded 175 mph.” In Kentucky and Indiana, newly built mobile homes withstand winds only up to 90 mph or lower. With FEMA assistance the mobile homes that will be rebuilt again should consider a better built construction against natural disasters.

According to President Barack Obama said six southern Indiana countries devastated by severe weather and tornadoes last week were eligible for federal disaster assistance, President Obama responded to Governor Mitch Daniels request for aid after strong storms and tornadoes hit the rural southern part of the state on March 2 (killing at least 13 people), three days before Governor Mitch Daniel signs a $1.5 billion plan to construct two new bridges.

 Questions has lured about the Governor of Indiana signing a $1.5 billion plan to build two new bridges across the Ohio River. On March 5th the Governor fled out of Indiana (the state that was just affected by a destructive tornado) to sign a $1.5 billion plan that is in the works to be used in a construction that is said to begin before year’s end. “Decades of waiting for greater convenience and quality of life in the metro area will soon be over, but that’s only part of what’s ahead: Southern Indiana has tremendous economic prospects and these new bridges are the key to making them real,” said Governor Mitch Daniels, according to a press release titled Governors agree on plan to pay for two new bridges across Ohio River. However, what are the efforts to getting Indiana back to recovery over the massive destruction of the tornado?

The Governor also stated “total devastation,” in response after media professionals repeated the terrible facts of the Indiana tornado leaving behind a $5.8 million in property damage.  However, a plan to build two new bridges for $1.5 billion has been taking place, but what about the unplanned massive tornado that just hit both Indiana and Kentucky?


Indiana tornado left around 40 persons killed, about 21 in Kentucky, and 13 in Indiana. There were 300 residents in Henryville, Indiana affected by the tornado according to Indiana may not receive federal aid to help rebuild the cities that were affected, therefore, their looking for outside sources like the American Red Cross.

Kentucky Baptist Convention has dedicated their services to the relief of the tornado by stationing housing for those that are homeless due to the tornado that hit both Kentucky and Indiana. Also media personality officials created a relief tactic called “WTHR Cares: Hoosier Tornado Relief”, in conjunction with American Red Cross, Kroger grocery stores, St. Vincent Health, Forum Credit Union, WFMS and other TV stations emergency response partners.

Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels quoted, “Total devastation,” in response to estimates of 5.8 million in property damages after the massive destruction of the tornado. The Governor signed an executive order to barring price gouging for food and other necessities. According to, a federal disaster declaration is expected, but it could be several days before that is issued.